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4 summer activities to keep your residents active this summer

Posted by Dude Solutions Canada, Inc. | Monday, July 13, 2015

For managers of assisted living facilities, it's important to provide a safe living environment for residents, but an enjoyable one as well. After all, resident satisfaction is one of the central metrics in the industry.

The summertime is a great time to boost your facility's recreational offerings as a means of further improving resident experiences. The weather is conducive to outdoor activities, and it's possible to encourage seniors to get active and have fun at the same time.

While seniors can be susceptible to summer dangers such as sunburn and heat stroke, it's still possible to provide a vast array of recreational offerings this summer.

1. Walks

Physical activity is hugely important for seniors looking to live a healthy life. Fortunately, helping and encouraging your residents to get their daily movement in doesn't have to be an extensive process involving complex equipment or specialized personnel - all you really need is your own two feet.

Walking is a fantastic aerobic activity that seniors of nearly all ages and physical activity levels can participate in. If your facility is located near a wooded area, you can even take nature walks, taking time to appreciate the flowers and nearby wildlife while escaping the glare of the sun's harsh rays underneath the protection of trees.

2. Swimming

Pools can provide tremendous benefits for seniors beyond mere entertainment. Even those who aren't Olympic swimmers can get a great workout in the water thanks to the increased resistance it provides. In fact, water aerobics is a common low-impact exercise that many seniors participate in as a way to stay active and get their heart rates up.

3. Gardening

Take advantage of your facility's outdoor space by setting aside an area for interested residents to take up gardening. Many people find the activity incredibly relaxing, and indeed, CNN reported that it's even been linked to lowered stress levels. What's more, the ability to plant something, nurture it and watch it grow can do wonders for residents' positive outlooks and psychological health. 

4. Barbecues

Few things bring people together like food. This summer, why not mix culinary tradition with enjoyment of the outdoors and host a barbecue? You can implement your own take on the classic American activity with senior-friendly dishes that include grilled chicken, fish and vegetables instead of the standard burgers and hot dogs. After all, a proper nutrient-rich diet is another important part of a healthy senior lifestyle. 

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