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Data and CMS rule changes

Posted by Erica Maity | Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The proposed CMS rule changes that we discussed last week go a long way towards making sure seniors have appropriate access to data. They are required, for example, to be able to access their medical records, contact lists for support, and surveys (and plans of correction) done of their facility by the state or federal government. The requirements do not specify a specific format, just that these documents must be provided “in a form and manner accessible to and understandable by the resident.” 

Some organizations are storing this information physically; others digitally. Let’s consider a simple scenario – a resident wants access to the results of their facility’s most recent state survey. If that documentation is kept on paper, the request must be relayed to an already harried facility manager or their staff. That staff member must go through a binder or filing cabinet to find the document, photocopy it, then deliver it back to the resident. This is a very physical process, requiring that staff member to take time out of their day. They are moving the physical copy of that document, increasing the risk that it doesn’t get filed back where it belongs. Finally, it takes a not insignificant period of time to get that document to the resident requesting it.

Let’s look now at what this process would look like for an organization using a CMMS, or computerized maintenance management software. The report from CMS could have been scanned and uploaded into that system and attached to work orders that represent plans for corrective action. A simple search taking a couple of seconds can pull up that document and it can be printed (or perhaps emailed) immediately. No time lost, no risk of misplacing files, and the resident is happier because they have gotten an immediate response.

Factor in the fact that a CMMS can also help automate status updates on work orders to residents as well as automate PM schedules and reporting for supervisors – it’s a no-brainer.

Erica Maity Erica Maity is a healthcare solutions expert who has been with Dude Solutions for three years. She has a passion for making sure that operations teams get the tools, insight, and respect they need to get the job done.