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Encourage a spotless resident satisfaction record with these cleaning tips

Posted by Dude Solutions Canada, Inc. | Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Encourage a spotless resident satisfaction record with these cleaning tips There are many considerations that come with running an assisted living facility. Administrators find themselves managing medical visits, maintaining essential infrastructure and doing everything possible to ensure resident comfort and safety. 

With all this to account for, it's important to make sure you don't let the basics slip through the cracks. Often it can feel like cleaning and custodial duties are something of an afterthought, when in reality, effective cleaning schedules are key to keeping your seniors happy and healthy. Here are a few tips.

Focus on common areas

Seniors are often more prone to disease and illness than younger individuals, so it's essential to eliminate germs as much as possible. While you should encourage residents and family members to do their part by providing access to hand sanitizer and emphasizing best practices, you also need to make sure the facility itself is clean and germ-free. Common areas such as living rooms, dining areas and exercise facilities are especially prone to germs, so spend extra time in these areas, cleaning them daily.

Head problems off at the pass

Cleaning up spills is one thing, but if you end up with mold growing in your walls or a pest infestation, you've got a whole other problem on your hands. Thankfully, these can be largely avoided through fastidious cleaning. Mold requires a dark, damp space for spores to grow, so eliminate standing water wherever you find it. Check obvious areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, and fix any leaks as soon as they're discovered. You should aim to maintain a moderate indoor humidity level to discourage spore growth, which will also make your residents more comfortable. 

Pest management can be its own full-time job, but there are steps you can take to be preventive. First and foremost among them is keeping excess food out of your facility. Everything in your kitchen should be stored in an airtight container, and crumbs, spills and other residue should be cleaned regularly. Garbage cans, especially those in a kitchen or dining area, should be emptied on a daily basis. Your dumpsters are likely to draw flies, roaches and even rats, so keep them well away from your facility so these unwanted guests don't find their way inside. 

Be prepared to handle as-needed tasks

On top of your planned cleaning schedule, you should also be prepared to address any one-off issues that arise. This can include things like changing bed linens, cleaning curtains and scrubbing bathrooms. 

This can also include turning over rooms when residents leave or move. Speed and efficiency are key in these operations, so establish a checklist of necessary procedures for your staff to follow. If you use a CMMS or other centralized maintenance management system you can use that to store this information in an accessible place so your staff can access it even when on a job.