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Prepare your community for fall with these tips

Posted by Dude Solutions Canada, Inc. | Monday, September 14, 2015

Prepare your community for fall with these tips The final push of sweltering weather is now in the rearview mirror and there's no denying that autumn is imminent. Many seniors prefer fall to summer because the weather is milder and there are fewer heat-related dangers, making them more likely to be out and about.

It's also a great opportunity for you and your staff to get caught up on essential maintenance as you prepare for the changing of the seasons. Your retirement community will likely be seeing more active use as residents take advantage of the milder conditions, so be sure that everything is in tip-top shape to prevent injury and costly maintenance operations. 

Here are a few key areas to keep in mind.


Your HVAC system is one of the most-used pieces of equipment in your community, which makes it all the more prone to breaking down. Especially on the heels of a hot summer, when many of your residents - and even staff members - were making liberal use of the air conditioning, your HVAC could stand a thorough inspection now that the weather is cooling down. 

Not only is preventive maintenance a good money-saving idea, but it's also crucial for your residents. As the weather gets colder in the months to come, it will be more important for your seniors to be warm and, by extension, comfortable and healthy. Even if you don't uncover any immediate maintenance concerns, make note of anything that appears like it could require repair in the future. This kind of proactive approach can save you time, money and effort down the road. 

Roof and gutters

Autumn means one thing - leaves are going to start falling. While this natural beauty will certainly enhance your residents' enjoyment of the community, it also presents another maintenance concern for your staff. Leaves seem to be drawn to gutters like moths to a flame, and if left unchecked, the accumulation of leaves and other organic detritus in these areas can create drainage problems and even threaten the integrity of your roof.

Your gutters and downspouts should be cleaned regularly, especially if your building is surrounded by trees. You should also make a point to inspect and clear off the roof on a semiregular basis as well. While leaves and tree limbs on your roof may not pose an immediate problem now, the snow and ice that typically come with winter can create significant structural hazards. 

Grounds and pathways

It's important for seniors to get regular exercise, and walking is one of the most common forms of physical activity. Chances are your residents are looking forward to spending more time outside in the cooler weather, but that also means you should be on top of outdoor maintenance and safety.

Ensure that any paths are kept clear of fallen tree limbs and leaves, which can pose falling hazards for seniors. It may also be a good idea to install handrails along walking paths to provide seniors with extra support. Just ensure that you use materials other than wood, which can splinter and warp. 

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