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Tips for keeping your residents cool and comfortable this summer

Posted by Dude Solutions Canada, Inc. | Friday, June 12, 2015

The warmer temperatures of summer are a nice change of pace from the snowy chill of winter. But for some seniors, the season's heat may be a bit more than they're willing to weather.

The comfort and safety of your residents is of chief importance. In some instances, such as the arrival of summer, that means accounting for the extra heat, sun and humidity of the season. It can be difficult to strike a balance of the perfect indoor temperature, especially in a large facility with dozens of residents. Even so, here are a few things to keep in mind this summer to help everyone beat the heat. 

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is one of the most dangerous seasonal threats around. This ailment can be bad for anybody, but it's particularly important that seniors do everything they can to get plenty of water. According to the Mayo Clinic, older adults are actually more susceptible to dehydration, as their bodies have a harder time retaining water than younger people do. Make sure that you stay on top of your facility's plumbing, including a full inspection at the beginning of the season to determine if repairs need to be made anywhere. Chances are your residence's water usage will skyrocket in the coming months, and any leaky pipes can drain away money just as easily as they do water.

Be sure to encourage your residents to hydrate as much as possible, especially those with Alzheimer's disease or dementia who may forget to do so regularly. You can even rent water coolers to place in common areas so people have access to a cold beverage no matter what they're up to.

Keep the sun away

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can wreak havoc on skin, even contributing to the development of certain types of skin cancer in some instances. What's more, sunlight beating through your big windows all day can leave you with overheated rooms that require energy-guzzling HVAC usage to rectify. Fortunately, there are cost-effective ways to manage the effect the sun can have on your facility. Inspect your windows to make sure they're up to date with the most recent guidelines governing energy efficiency. Older windows may need to be replaced completely. If you lack the capital budget for such a project, you can treat windows with a UV-resistant film that keeps the sun out. Even a nice set of blinds or curtains can keep the interior of your building cool during the sunny periods. 

Stay on top of your HVAC

Your air conditioning system is going to be the workhorse of your facility this summer. You should already have given it a thorough inspection at the close of winter to determine any repairs or replacements that need to be made. Industry standard benchmarks may be available online or even through your CMMS dashboard to help you determine if your HVAC is running less efficiently than it could be. 

Tips for keeping your residents cool and comfortable this summer