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TWH UC 2016 Session Highlight: Professional Development

Posted by Kate Donnelly | Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We're all looking for ways to further our careers and grow as leaders. The professional development classes at TWH UC, University 2016, are crafted to help you develop new skills and achieve more.

Professional Development

  • Reporting: The Basics. In this session you’ll learn the basics of selecting a report, filtering, grouping, and graphing.
  • Excel Tips & Tricks. Join a knowledgeable Dude and learn the basics of how to manipulate your data to create new views and report templates that relate important information to staff, decision makers, and customers. 
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out: Quality of Data. Data driven decisions depend on the quality of the data. Everyone has heard the saying “garbage in, garbage out”, and it’s true. Learn how to monitor the quality of your data, data clean up strategies, and data integrity processes.
  • Creating and Delivering Powerful Presentations. Many people can over complicate PowerPoint, not just from the technical aspect, but also when delivering a presentation. Join our presentation guru and learn how to develop the “show and tell”

Check out the full schedule here!