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Windsor Park manages assets with ease utilizing TheWorxHub

Posted by Dude Solutions Canada, Inc. | Friday, June 26, 2015

The Windsor Park team manages a 60 acre campus providing care to over 400 residents.  Their original paper system wasn’t offering them the visibility and reporting capabilities they needed. Since implementing TheWorxHub they are now able to track the history on each piece of equipment, gauge where their resources are being spent and better determine, repair vs replace. 

Windsor Park is a CCRC catering to the needs of a variety of residents with a wide range of needs, from Independent Living to skilled care. Our previous system was not user friendly, involved a lot of paper and the reports were not what we were looking for. There was a lack of communication and it was not uncommon to lose track of work orders. It was old and antiquated. Because of the diversity of our campus we needed a better system in place.

With TheWorxHub one of the biggest advantages is the ability to track the history on a piece of equipment. Recently we’ve experienced turnover in one of our positions and have a new employee. It was easy for him to go into the system and pull up all the historical work orders for the two buildings he’s responsible for. This allows him to see a history of work on any piece of equipment to determine a path of action based on real data. During times when we’ve needed to hire an outside contractor it’s simple to pull a report that includes PM’s that need to happen on 15, 20 different pieces of equipment. Then you just hand it over to them and they love it. 

Going back to the diversity of our residents we can be asked to perform a variety of “extra” tasks. With paper it can be very difficult to keep track of and bill for. For instance, we have an IT person starting who will be available to assist our residents with their individual IT needs and because we’ll be able to properly track the work, we will be able to incur additional income from those tasks. Our accounting department will be able to very easily view those charges and bill individuals accordingly. On a monthly basis we are probably billing an additional 15-20 jobs. 

Additional cost savings exists around asset management and knowing, based on the tracking of your work on a particular piece of equipment, where you fall within the repair versus replace decision. Also, with 4.5 million spent a year on refurbishments, we can track the work that’s needed, how often it needs to occur, as well as all of the actual assets that are added to our buildings.

As far as ease of use, a perfect example is when the State inspector visited last month she pointed out something that we were going to be tagged for. We were able to pull up the work order history, do the work, take a picture and show it to her completed prior to her leaving our campus! We utilize the photo capabilities almost daily.

I would suggest when looking for a system to make sure it’s user friendly. You can have the most complicated, supposedly the best, but if you don’t know how to use it to be able to get the value, then why have it?