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TheWorxHub for Managers and Staff

TheWorxHub is tailored to roles – so when you log in you see exactly what you need to manage your work efficiently. Whether you’re management or staff, involved in housekeeping or maintenance or other operational aspects, TheWorxHub makes it easy for you to:

  • Plan your day (or your staff’s). See what the priorities are, and what equipment, materials, or special instructions are required for each task. Adjust quickly if someone calls in sick or has to leave early
  • Remember when recurring tasks are due and how to do them. Get automatic reminders of annual inspections or preventive maintenance. Consult your activity calendar and stay ahead of the game
  • Respect resident preferences. Review individual resident profiles to refresh your memory on what they’ve said about things such as rules for entering their personal living space
  • Appropriately respond to special requests, without adding hours to your day for unplanned work or guilt over refusing a request. TheWorxHub makes it feasible to offer a menu of special services at reasonable prices, incorporated into daily work plans and regular billings
  • Track how you’re doing against performance targets
  • Get information, update task status and get new assignments from anywhere you have Internet access – including compatible mobile devices – saving yourself time and energy

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