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Activities (Coming Soon)

Vibrant senior living communities offer activities to suit diverse interests – from book or breakfast clubs to bridge, from exercise classes to choir, from trips to the mall to visits to the museum. Those that have learned to do this efficiently and cost-effectively have an edge when it comes to attracting active seniors who want to participate in the life of a community.

Managing a full activity calendar requires an extraordinary level of coordination and detail. Rooms must be booked, equipment and materials reserved, instructors or leaders engaged and paid, rooms cleaned and set up (then taken down and cleaned again), any catering or transportation or security required organized, people informed and signed up, expenses managed. With the full TheWorxHub suite, event-centered cross-departmental communication and collaboration pose no problems. The activities application pulls it all together.

What’s more…

  • Put regular events on auto-pilot: One entry of all the details of what must be done to support recurring events – and everyone with a role to play gets an automatic reminder to trigger the task. Events run smoothly no matter who is on vacation, or has forgotten to tell the new staff member what must be done
  • Manage sign-up with ease: Generate email activity announcements and track on-line sign-ups. Monitor the participant list regularly to see whether group size demands a change in venue or other arrangements (then adjust the arrangements with ease)
  • Canvass residents for ideas: Use TheWorxHub QA & Surveys app to do a fast and efficient pulse-check on how each activity went, what could be improved in the future, and what other events would interest your residents. Find out what might be preventing some residents from participating and what would make them join in