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Worx IQ

Good governance and sound fiscal management require accurate data and the ability to analyze it in increasingly sophisticated ways. Guesswork and gut feel are no longer sufficient on their own. How do executives and boards maintain effective oversight without drowning in details or micro-managing? How do multi-site providers maintain the right level of business intelligence across all their communities without spending all their time on the road?

Add the Worx IQ application and you’re always on top of the metrics and quality indicators you want to track. Use built-in templates, or create custom reports that give you exactly what you need – whether it’s monitoring a trend that’s worrying you or comparing performance across sites, against benchmarks. You decide what you want to have escalated and it happens automatically. You get early line-of-sight to emerging issues before they become major problems.

What’s more…

  • Create “favorite” custom reports: Save time by adding custom reports to your favorites list. TheWorxHub gives you great flexibility in selecting the data you want to see and choosing how you want to see it
  • Request regular reports: Set up the system to automatically email you the reports you want to see when you want to see them – reports such as QA tracking, resident satisfaction figures, cost analyses, staff time allocations, or whatever you decide is important to review
  • Automatically escalate quality issues: Executives can be alerted by email the instant potential quality issues surface – such as too many resident requests for work outstanding for too long, unusual payments to vendors, cost overruns. You set the parameters