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Capital Planning

There’s no question – that piece of equipment that just broke down unexpectedly is critical to the community’s operation and must be replaced immediately. But it will cost thousands of dollars. There’s no contingency in the capital budget and raising new capital in a hurry is not easy. Can we delay the roof replacement until next year? Postpone planned IT upgrades? What other surprises might be lying in wait?

Put rigor and discipline into your capital planning with TheWorxHub. By tying together asset management, preventive maintenance, and capital planning, TheWorxHub enables highly accurate forecasting of when major equipment will need to be replaced or infrastructure renewed. Use the capital planning application to calculate impact on capital budgets over 5 years, 10 years, or whatever period you choose. Avoid surprises and financial shortfalls.

What’s more…

  • Be prepared under any scenario: With TheWorxHub it’s easy to experiment with “what if?” scenarios and see what difference it makes if you change assumptions about inflation, return on investments, or future replacement costs
  • Explore options: Quickly calculate the impact on the bottom line of phasing in a project, advancing or postponing a replacement
  • Make informed decisions: With all relevant information easily at hand – details about asset age and expected useful life, warranty coverage, maintenance and repair history and costs – you can make fact-based repair-or-replace decisions and have the evidence to justify them