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Catering (Coming Soon)

Excellent food service makes a key contribution to the success of any catered occasion. Delivering it consistently is becoming more complex, as sensitivity grows to the importance of proper food handling/serving techniques and the accommodation of special dietary needs. How can you make it easier?

TheWorxHub gives you instant access to current and historical catering information - on-line and in one place - allowing for efficient planning of menus and set-ups to meet every need. Catering staff no longer waste time searching through old files for that diabetic-friendly menu we did for just such a group six months ago. They can quickly check what type of food service set-up has worked for similar functions in the past, and benefit from tips about what special touches drew raves from attendees.

What's more...

  • Ensure accurate staffing: Scheduling functions incorporate catering staff requirement guidelines based on past experience and remind you to build in contingency plans. They also track and consolidate actual hours worked for billing purposes
  • Choose the right menu and service setup: Choose from room-specific sample layouts - for cocktail, buffet, table service - to plan your service setup, and use TheWorxHub maintenance application to request room setup assistance on the day of the event
  • Track your corporate memory: Keep records of events, menus, recipes, special food handling or serving instructions, and logistics to ease the planning of future events