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You’ve just put the finishing touches on today’s duty lists when two things happen: one of your housekeepers calls in sick, and you’re handed an unexpected task that must be a priority for today. Is there no way to reduce the amount of time spent scheduling and rescheduling?

With TheWorxHub, it’s fast and simple to reassign work, add a task, and drag-and-drop changes onto staff schedules. Residents and their families appreciate that you consistently deliver excellent housekeeping services with a minimum of fuss. Executives can’t believe how cost-effectively this is accomplished.

What’s more…

  • Respect resident preferences: Tasks linked to residential units are also linked to profiles of the individuals who live there. Quickly check notes on file as to that person’s preferences – such as particular staff members to assign if you can, rules around permission to enter, instructions about pets
  • Let routine tasks schedule themselves: Tell TheWorxHub once that a task must be done at regular intervals – like cleaning drapes or carpets – and let the reminders pop up automatically whenever that task becomes due
  • Provide personalized special services: With TheWorxHub handling the tracking and informing your billing system, it’s much more feasible to increase both revenue and satisfaction by offering a menu of special services that some people want and will gladly pay extra for
  • Coordinate with other departments: Reduce the amount of time units sit empty waiting for multiple departments to play their part in refurbishing and turnover by giving everyone access to the same information. Things run smoothly when everyone knows where you are in the process and who needs to move next
  • Strictly enforce infection control: Protect staff and residents from outbreaks by building infection control guidelines, policies, and procedures directly into housekeeping requests – so that instructions for proper blood clean-up, for example, are automatically attached to a request for that task. Use TheWorxHub quality assurance and surveys application to ensure compliance
  • Get staffing levels right: Use workload and performance reports to justify numbers of housekeeping positions required to comply with regulations and achieve quality standards. Calculate what a planned policy change – like more frequent cleaning – would require in terms of additional staff and cost