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PO & Inventory

Tracking inventory manually is difficult and time-consuming. Even the best operations managers often admit they don’t have total confidence in the accuracy of their records, and fear their purchase order process is inefficient. They know they’re missing opportunities for volume discounts, wasting time in multiple trips to the same store because they haven’t planned well and throwing out overstocked items that have become obsolete or passed their expiry date.

TheWorxHub makes it practical to take control of your inventory. Save time and avoid errors by generating and managing all your purchase orders electronically. Always know that you have the critical part on hand to fix the generator, or the cleaning supply a resident with allergies has specifically requested. Never pay more for emergency delivery.

What’s more…

  • Accurately track usage and cost work: Because the PO & Inventory back-office application interfaces directly with all TheWorxHub front-line service delivery applications, you can associate parts and supplies with specific tasks – such as maintenance work orders or housekeeping duties. Automatically track inventory depletion related to recurring work so you can re-order at the right moment. Immediately see and investigate unusual trends. Get a full picture of the cost of each task, to inform budgeting and enable cross-department or resident chargebacks
  • Manage supplier relationships: Watch how much you spend with each supplier and identify opportunities to negotiate volume discounts. Easily look up information on all your vendors, compare prices, and monitor trends
  • Access information instantly: Generate instant inventory lists in response to auditors’ questions. Create accurate, up-to-the-minute valuations for insurers.