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IT Services

One thing seems certain: the lifestyle community residents of tomorrow will be increasingly technology savvy and “wired” (or wireless), demanding ever-more-sophisticated phone systems, computer and internet set-ups, and home theatre equipment. There’s a good chance your staff will be called on for help when things go wrong. Why not start now to formally provide fee-for-service technology support to them?

With the right management system, you can set your community apart by providing a valued service to residents, without neglecting the essential technology on which your staff depends. TheWorxHub can’t promise to prevent the inevitable technology glitches and user error emergencies that are a fact of modern life. It can make sure that all requests for help are funneled into a single portal, prioritized, responded to in a timely manner by the appropriate person (or escalated to management for action if they’re not), and never misplaced or forgotten.

What’s more…

  • Keep on top of the fundamentals: Avoid the risk of forgetting essential back-up, update, and system optimization tasks in the rush of responding to emergencies, by scheduling task reminders that are automatically triggered at pre-set intervals
  • Build your knowledge base: Monitor trends in help requests or system breakdowns to identify needs for user training, hardware or software upgrades
  • Offer value-added services: A systematic way of receiving help requests, assigning them to appropriate staff, monitoring their completion, and tracking the cost allows you to offer highly valued services to staff and residents alike – and generate service-fee revenue