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Maintenance Management

You’ve promised yourself that never again will you have to explain why an expensive piece of equipment broke down unexpectedly, disrupting residents’ comfort and playing havoc with capital budgets. You know requests for maintenance work are slipping through the cracks. Staff are complaining there’s just too much coming at them. Is there a better way to get on top of things?

With TheWorxHub you spend less time reacting to emergencies and more on productive tasks that keep the community attractive and in good working order. Valuable assets are properly cared-for with regular preventive maintenance. A disciplined process for managing requests ensures tasks are completed in priority order, to time and quality standards. Nothing gets missed.

What’s more…

  • Demonstrate responsiveness: Nobody’s happy when a request they’ve made seems to disappear into a black hole. With TheWorxHub, residents and requesting staff know their need has been logged and prioritized, and will appear on automatically generated “to be completed” lists until it’s taken care of. They can easily track the cause behind any delay – like a part that needs ordering – and know that their special instructions are on file
  • Ease the burden on staff: There’s a limit to how much even highly experienced maintenance staff can keep in their heads: instructions for maintaining or fixing complicated equipment, the tools and materials required for the job, requests made in passing by a resident as you’re hurrying to another job. TheWorxHub captures all the necessary information in one place and makes it accessible when and where people need it
  • Ensure compliance: Sleep easily at night knowing that staff will be prompted to perform all prescribed safety-related or other regulatory tasks at the appropriate time, and completion will be fully documented. When regulations change or you discover a better way to perform a task, simply update the job specifications once, and the improvement becomes part of the way things are done
  • Keep equipment healthier longer: With TheWorxHub you can be confident that planned preventive maintenance is being rigorously executed, not put off for “when there’s time.” That translates to longer lives for expensive capital assets, less money required for costly repairs, and more predictability for those charged with capital budget planning
  • Speed up refurbishments/turnovers: Incoming resident preferences are documented in one place for all to consult. Tasks are scheduled in the right sequence. The result: the process of refurbishing to spec, bringing in housekeeping to clean, charging appropriately for extras, and keeping the new resident informed is simpler and faster
  • Make informed decisions: Track exactly how the maintenance budget is being spent and where there are trends, anomalies, or opportunities to save. Set targets for quality and timeliness and monitor performance