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Mobile Worx

Today’s generation just assumes access to everything they need – from their email to their music to the location of the nearest coffee shop – whenever they want it and wherever they are, via their iPhone, Android, Palm, BlackBerry or other mobile device. When you add the Mobile Worx application to your TheWorxHub subscription, all front-line staff can work more efficiently and effectively – and you use much less paper, making your community “greener.”

Last-minute changes in duty lists or emergency maintenance work orders? With Mobile Worx, the new plan is instantly relayed to the staff members assigned, no matter where they are engaged at that moment. And they can record work completion details as they go – time spent, parts used, any issues encountered – while the information is still fresh in their minds.

Forgotten whether you have permission to enter the resident’s unit for a maintenance repair? Have they asked you to call first? Do a quick look-up and ensure you’re always respecting each resident’s wishes.

Questions about how to handle a tricky repair job? Access instructions and history from TheWorxHub central database – no need to waste time travelling across campus, searching filing cabinets and bookshelves for the right operations manual.

Manage day-to-day tasks from your mobile and reduce administration time. With Mobile Worx it’s easy to be much more productive.