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Quality Assurance & Surveys

Resident satisfaction is what senior living communities are all about. It’s also true that satisfied residents and families are your best allies when it comes to attracting new residents. What they say to their friends about the experience of living in your community can do more to boost – or harm – your reputation than any paid advertising. So how do you know what they’re thinking? How do you ensure you’re consistently delivering a high quality experience? How can you be sure you’re investing in the right improvements to increase their satisfaction?

With TheWorxHub QA & Surveys application, it’s easy to get a snapshot at any moment of the perceptions of residents, their families, and your staff. You don’t need to be a research pro to design reliable and user-friendly surveys, analyze the results, and communicate them in a meaningful way. You know instantly when you’re slipping below quality standards and can take corrective action right away. You can measure the actual impact of your actions on satisfaction.

What’s more…

  • Use the built-in surveys or customize your own: Benefit immediately from pre-built surveys that have proven useful for others in the industry, adjust these over time as you gain experience, or build your own custom survey from scratch
  • Build your quality standards into inspection templates: Use the QA & Surveys application to create short, easy-to-use inspection templates to regularly check and record the quality of service delivery by any operations department or individual. Identify needs for process improvements, training, or performance management
  • Re-use standard surveys: Reinforce the discipline of seeking feedback and avoid reinventing the wheel by linking work orders to a standard survey designed to measure the quality of that specific task