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Room & Resource Booking

Your meeting, dining, and other common areas are in great demand for regular activities and special events. So are your guest rooms. The challenge is keeping track of what’s booked for when, especially if each department works from its own calendar. Rooms and equipment get double-booked. The room reserved for the local choir’s concert turns out to be too small, while the bridge players feel lost in the large room that’s left for them.

Get everyone working from the same room and resource booking calendar with TheWorxHub. See at once what’s reserved for when, and be proactive in managing potential conflicts. Check room size and features to be sure you’re selecting the right room for the purpose at hand. No more arguments or disappointed residents. No last-minute scrambles to track down the necessary equipment.

What’s more…

  • Improve guest room service: With TheWorxHub, residents know the guest rooms they’ve requested for visiting family and friends will be ready and prepared properly and on time
  • Eliminate double-bookings and errors: Make life easier for event organizers and activity coordinators. With TheWorxHub, you can be sure the right rooms and equipment are available at the right time
  • Showcase your community: Hosting events for outside groups is both a potential source of additional revenue and a great way to show off what your community has to offer. Boost your reputation and get people telling their friends how attractive and well-run your community is