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Security (Coming Soon)

The vital work of security staff is sometimes almost invisible, as their greatest success lies in preventing incidents from happening – keeping people and property safe and secure. Achieving this success requires discipline and constant attention to detail. Security staff must know the community and its residents thoroughly, and be aware of exactly how to respond if there is a security threat. Incident reports must be completed thoroughly, and shared with the appropriate people. Action plans must be created and tracked.

Instant access to information – from anywhere – is critical in an emergency. With TheWorxHub, security staff can immediately check details on residents, units, buildings, equipment, or protocols – and find exactly what they need to choose the correct course of action. They see who to call for backup. More often than not they won't need any of this, because they're following effective preventive security routines. But staff and residents can take comfort in the fact that they're protected whatever arises.

What's more…

  • Manage security incident reporting and track action plans: Use standard templates to file detailed incident reports that capture exactly what executives (and the board) will want to see, to identify and mitigate potential systemic risks. Ensure that action plans are in place and being carried out
  • Fast-track training and ensure consistency when staff turn over: Whether your security providers are employees or outside contractors, TheWorxHub speeds up the process of briefing newcomers. Routine inspections, patrols, protocols, access privileges are all documented in an easily searchable database – as are diagrams of building layouts
  • Assign special duties and investigations: Record, prioritize, and assign requests for special security actions or potential threats to be investigated – and track their completion