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Residents value the independence that comes with convenient ways of getting out and about when and where they want. But managing the transportation schedule can be a challenge. How do you remember which residents need a vehicle that accommodates a wheelchair or a walker? Which residents are routinely accompanied by caregivers when they travel to medical appointments? How can you be sure that the right driver and vehicle will be ready and waiting when your residents expect? How do you keep a fleet of vehicles in good condition at all times?

With resident profiles linked to TheWorxHub transportation application, you can gain a reputation for providing excellent personalized service – with special touches like reminding residents of upcoming appointments or things they need to bring with them. Whether you charge by distance, area or time, TheWorxHub automates the process of tracking and billing for this service. You no longer have to rely on multiple spreadsheets, paper calendars and lists, fuel receipts and mileage reports.

What’s more…

  • Control expenses and charge appropriately: Use TheWorxHub to get rigorous about tracking the full cost of providing this service – from driver time, to regular maintenance and operating costs, to fuel per trip. Create and implement a chargeback policy that’s clear and easy to justify and implement
  • Manage your fleet and maintain safety standards: With TheWorxHub’s maintenance application, you can keep vehicles in good running order, ensure safety checks and inspections are carried out regularly, make informed repair-or-replace decisions, and easily compare the cost-benefit of outsourced or in-house options
  • Monitor satisfaction to improve service: Find out how residents rate your transportation services and what they would like to see improved with TheWorxHub QA & Surveys application. Ensure that staff drivers and outsourced providers consistently live up to the quality standards you expect and promise