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Needs Assessment

Do you need TheWorxHub?

If any of the statements below sound like they could come from a member of your team, there’s good probability that TheWorxHub is the right choice for your service operations:

  • Residents are complaining it’s taking too long to respond to their requests or concerns – and some requests get missed altogether
  • Managing our housekeeping schedules and duty lists is frustrating and time-consuming
  • Our operations departments keep saying they need more staff, but they can’t give us a clear picture of how current staff are spending their time or why they need more
  • Residents are asking staff for extra services that don’t get captured in the regular work scheduling or reports
  • Staff are responding because they care, but are getting behind schedule
  • Residents and families have told us they would pay for special services that would make their lives easier, but it’s too difficult for us to manage the tracking and billing
  • Refurbishments/turnovers are taking too long and we’re losing revenue while units are vacant
  • Activities are somewhat haphazard. Communication among departments is breaking down and everybody thinks someone else has arranged for the catering or equipment Preventive maintenance that would prolong the life of expensive assets is routinely put off, because we’re always too busy dealing with emergencies
  • The work is becoming way too complex for any staff member to keep all the details straight, but we have no way for staff to efficiently check on instructions or resident special requests
  • Operations costs are going up and we don’t know why or how to reverse the trend
  • We don’t have the documentation to prove we’re in compliance on all operational matters – actually we’re worried we may be forgetting things like fire drills and safety inspections
  • We have no corporate memory. Every time a staff member leaves and new people come in, we have to try to remember what to teach them
  • We haven’t got a good handle on what our capital requirements will be over the next five or ten years. We keep getting hit with surprises
  • We run multiple sites, and the only way of finding out what’s going on is to visit regularly in person

Any of these sound familiar? If so, consider investing 15 minutes more talking to a Worx team member about how you could benefit from TheWorxHub. Sign up now!