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Why Convert?

Communities that already count on PM Worx to manage their maintenance with ease will immediately see how much more TheWorxHub offers. TheWorxTeam has listened, learned, and put the knowledge gained through close collaboration with hundreds of senior living clients into this next generation application suite.

  • Manage more: From our roots in maintenance, we’ve expanded into other areas of front-line service delivery, starting with the challenge of reducing the housekeeping scheduling burden. Over the coming months, you’ll be able to use TheWorxHub to manage room bookings, transportation, IT services, catering, security, and activities as efficiently and effectively as you now manage maintenance with PM Worx
  • Deliver greater satisfaction: We understand that satisfying residents is what senior living communities are all about, and have put resident profiles at the heart of TheWorxHub. You’ll find it much easier to show that you care about each individual’s personal preferences, and to cost-effectively offer a menu of specialized services to meet every need
  • Enjoy the user experience: We think you’ll be delighted by the new look-and-feel of TheWorxHub and the greater flexibility it offers, including drag-and-drop calendars and integration with email. We’ve taken advantage of what’s possible with today’s greatly evolved technology to create a much more dynamic suite of applications. The user experience is tailored to roles and personal preferences, with best practices in operations management built in
  • Access anytime, anywhere: Because it’s web-based, you can access TheWorxHub from any computer with Internet access, on or off your campus. With Mobile Worx, you can carry it around in your pocket or purse
  • Gain deeper insight: More powerful reporting and analytics enable “smarter” operations management. Customize your own dashboard of up-to-the-minute performance indicators you need to track regularly. Benefit from workload forecasting to understand the cost implications of operational decisions. Automatically escalate warnings when work falls behind service level or quality standards